11 Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2017
Marshall, Texas
22+ Speakers!

Shoshana Chaim


Shoshana Chaim is a wife, mother of two and the co-founder of planttrainers.com and the Plant Trainers Podcast. She helps stressed parents and families overwhelmed with physical and mental illness embrace a more holistic, planti-ful lifestyle in order to create more calmness and health in their family life. This is somethings she has done for her own family to help shrink her husband’s tumor and deal with her own PTSD. Shoshana works with clients all over the world through her internet based company and has helped clients lose significant amounts of weight and as a result been able to come off of medications such as insulin and pain killers. She also teaches techniques to regulate childrens’ behavior and helps families on their journey to a more plant-rich diet. Shoshana is also a kids yoga instructor, mindfulness and meditation leader, yogi, triathlete and martial artist.